Cathy DeBuono, M.A., M.F.T
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"Cathy worked a nearly 30 year old cold homicide case with me.  
She was able to identify things that were overlooked in the original investigation with the “EYE OF A DETECTIVE". 
As a result of this assistance from Cathy, we were able to develop a suspect that was NOT in the original investigation! 
Cathy is truly a gifted investigator."
- Detective Bill Davis, Bristol Borough, PA.,  Police Dept.

"Cathy has a different way of thinking that opens up new perspectives on an investigation.  I trust her implicitly"
- Detective Chris McMullin, Homicide/SVU, Bensalem, PA .Police Dept.

"Cathy DeBuono got a confession out of a murderer that no cop or FBI agent before her could get, but she did. 
She's a crime solving bad ass."
- Francey Hakes, U.S. Federal Prosecutor, sex crimes

“Cathy is a gifted and intuitive investigator, a real natural."
- Jim Clemente, Criminal Profiler, F.B.I.

"Cathy’s life experience brings with it an edge that you can’t train for.  Her passion to bring justice to victims is exemplary.”
Steve Henry, Chief of Police, Bristol Borough, PA., Police Dept.

“After working with an insightful, intelligent, and meticulous investigator; I must say, she missed her calling. 
After 27 years of investigative experience, I would not blink or hesitate to work a case with Cathy.”
- Detective David Nieves, Jr., SVU, Bensalem, PA., Police Dept.

"Cathy’s natural tenacity and incredible perseverance are assets that set her apart.  
This often makes the crucial difference in cases where others may have given up."
- Bobby Chacon, Special Agent, F.B.I.

"I was paralyzed by depression and anger and fear. 
I didn't think I'd survive, but working with Cathy has given me my life and my hope back."
-Louise T., Attorney, sexual assault survivor

"Nightmares and a certain agitation that had been with me since the Gulf war completely stopped. 
The relief Cathy was able to help me find was life changing."
-  Sergeant Yvette V., Intel Analyst, U.S. Air Force

"I had terrible stage fright.  After working with Cathy I gained insight that lead to control over it. 
I'm enjoying the stage now!  I even look forward to it!"
- Janet S., Singer/Musician

 "I had no idea what my problem was.  Cathy took the time to diagnose me properly.  
I'm functioning a thousand times better. "
- Annie H., Real Estate Broker & wife/mother/homemaker

"Couples therapy was the LAST thing we wanted to do, but because of it we understand our problems better and learned some effective ways to face them."
- Jesse and Susan, married with children.

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Cathy DeBuono, M.A., M.F.T. 
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Be assured, your confidentiality is my priority.
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phone (213) 503-4696
fax (424) 284-7709

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