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       Education and Training
  • Darkstone Research Group & Specialized Training Institute: Advanced specialized training intensive w/ Dr. Reid Meloy in the application and evaluation of  The Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R & PCL-SV).
  • Specialized Training Institute: Advanced specialized training intensive w/ Dr. Leslie C. Morey in the application an assessment of The Personality Assessment Inventory, (PAI)
  • The Trauma Resource Institute; The Trauma Resiliency Model, (TRM); w/ Elaine Miller-Karas, M.A., LCSW -  Training
  • Darkstone Research Group & Global Institute of Forensic Research; w/ Dr. Reid Meloy & Dr. Robert Hare - The Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R & PCL-SV) Specialized Training Program. 
  • The Traumatic Stress Network; w/ Dr. Don Dorsey - Extended Basic Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, (EMDR) - Training
  • Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis - Extension Program Completion.  
  • National Education Association & The Lifespan Learning Institute - Current Issues in Borderline Personality Disorder 
  • Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis - Exploring Transference & Cure in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. 
  • The Amen Clinic - w/ Dr. Daniel Amen; A.D.H.D. & A.D.D. in Children and Adults.  
  • Antioch University, Marina del Rey, CA: Masters Degree, Clinical Psychology, (graduated 4.0 GPA) 
  • University of Kentucky: Bachelor's Degree, Communications, (graduated 3.94 GPA) 
  • California Board of Behavioral Sciences,  M.F.T. license# 47353
About me and Forensic work
I have been a licensed clinician for sixteen years.  During that time I have accumulated a wealth of experience working with clients of a wide variety issues in just as many settings and roles.  My exposure to mental health as it pertains to the judicial system came early to me in my career as an intern working with incarcerated juvenile offenders at a correctional facility, (no longer in operation today), where I was exposed first hand to the importance of being able to differentiate those who required specialized treatment from those who required action plans with a focus on risk management. Equally as important was the need for individualized treatment protocols and/or action plans based on the best practices associated with each client's assessment profile. 

Psychological Assessments using the PCL-R and PAI
I have advanced, specialized training in the application and assessment of Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist Revised, (PCL-R), as well as its screening version, the PCL-SV, with Dr.’s Reid Meloy and Robert Hare through Darkstone Research Group, the only accredited training for the use of the PCL-R instrument recognized by judicial systems, world wide. I also have advanced, specialized training in the application and evaluation of the Personality Assessment Inventory, (PAI), with Dr. Lesley C. Morey, through the accredited, Specialized Training Institute.  In addition my resources include the PAI software, professional version. Created by Dr. Leslie Morey himself, this software also generates a report that includes valuable insight into differential diagnoses, treatment planning, contraindicated courses of treatment, risk management and expected levels of recidivism.  Using the  PCL-R supported by the application of the PAI provides a very reliable psychological assessment, particularly where personality disorders or psychopathy are suspected.

If you are a prosecutor, defense attorney, treatment planner, parole board member, probation officer, investigator, mental health/program director, work in the prison system or simply believe that my psychological assessment services may be of use  to you, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I am happy to discuss any questions you may have and how I might be of service to you. 

 Cold Case Assistance:    
I provide case file analysis and recommend possible new investigatory steps. Whenever possible, I will also assist in the follow through of those steps in any way law enforcement may find helpful to them.  Sexual offenders are among the most complicated cases of mental health to comprehend, treat or manage. My particular skill set is a great fit for the analysis of cold cases files of murder with a sexual component. Most of my experience to date in consultation with law enforcement includes assisting in cases of sexual assault, missing persons and murder.  Some of my accomplishments of 2017 include the acquisition of a confession of sexual assault and murder from a serial offender and work that directly lead to the solving of a second rape/murder case, nearly 30 years cold. (Judicial system still in process, case can not be discussed publicly at this time).

If you are a busy law enforcement officer or the family of a victim interested in consultation, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  Together we can discuss your needs and assess how I might be able to assist you.
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